MetLife Stadium – AT&T DAS Upgrade Project

82,500 half-freezing fans and media members were expected to be in attendance at Super Bowl XLVIII at Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. In preparation for the anticipated data surge in cell phone usage CTCI was contracted with the task of upgrading AT&T’s existing Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) throughout Metlife Stadium.

Background & Process

These DAS, which will cover fans in the stands, suites, concourses and restaurants of the stadium, contain more than triple the capacity of the original DAS used by AT&T during the 2013 regular season, are equivalent to 21 traditional cell sites, and have enough capacity to cover a city the size of Trenton, NJ. The massive new DAS project involved installation of more than 500 antennas hidden throughout the stadium. In the majority of cases, custom made brackets and supports were
fabricated to mount antennas to the Stadium’s infrastructure.

The Solution

Cabling consisting of more than 10 miles of ½” coax and 6.5 miles of assorted fiber optic cable was installed both within the stadium and AT&T’s New DAS Head End Building constructed adjacent to the stadium. All in all, CTCI was responsible for tipping more than 5500 strands of fiber. The cabling and
antenna installation was completed in 3 months with time to spare before the Super Bowl. Crew sizes escalated well over 40 technicians, specialized DAS & fiber splicing, working round the clock in brutally cold conditions to meet the turnover date.

The effort that (CTCI’s team) contributed to this project was extraordinary, the personal sacrifice of time during holidays was unheard of. You soldiered on under extremely stressful conditions and managed to get along in both the structure and the stadium. This was truly a remarkable coordination effort on the part of (CTCI).
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